8 Nov

Understanding Streaming A/V with Todd Brabec

Few experts know more about how composers get paid for their work than Todd Brabec. The best-selling author of music-industry bible “Music, Money, and Success: the Insiders Guide to Making Money in the Music Business,” Todd is the former Executive Vice President and Worldwide Director of Membership for ASCAP and an entertainment law attorney and industry consultant.

With those credentials, the Your Music, Your Future community is incredibly fortunate to have Todd join us for the latest webinar in our educational series, titled “Understanding Streaming.” You can watch it for free now.

Streaming is, of course, just the newest huge piece of the vast entertainment landscape. As Todd observes during his conversation with Joel Beckerman, “media is not going to go away, it’s only going to expand.” For this reason, the demand for great music to bring new forms of media to life is growing every day.

Tune in to “Understanding Streaming with Todd Brabec” today to learn:

– The differences between the many ways you can be compensated for your work

– How each compensation model might fit your unique needs

– The essential facts about composer revenue from streaming projects

– Why copyrights are more valuable than ever before

– And much more

Thanks for being part of our community! – The Your Music, Your Future Team