22 Jan

Composers, We Need Your Voice

Thanks to you – our Your Music, Your Future community has tripled in size in the last month, from 3,200 to well over 10,000 (!) members. We have, and always will be, a community of, for, and by composers, songwriters, music producers, & creators, and the community is stronger than ever.

But we need your action today.

First, let’s celebrate what we’ve already accomplished together. More composers than ever have begun to understand their rights, their choices about how to be compensated, the ramifications of those choices, and what a ‘standard’ deal has looked like for the last 100 years.

  • In December alone we reached over 101,000 people on Facebook and Instagram
  • On December 16th we trended on Twitter in Los Angeles and had 87,000 impressions in the last 15 days of the month
  • So far, the Variety article we all shared received 37,100 total engagements on social media (including 5,000 shares on Facebook and 3,000 shares on Twitter). An astonishing number!

The Variety article shines a light on Discovery Networks’ onerous, non-negotiable contact which would destroy the standard 100-year practice between music creators and studios. This would cut composer income by up to 90%.

But even with this press and your action to date, Discovery has not yet gotten the message that we are united and determined. There is still so much important work to do. If this precedent is allowed to stand, it will likely spread like a virus throughout the entire audio-visual entertainment community. It’s up to us whether that happens or not.

Here’s the action we need you to take today.

We need you to tweet TODAY, and have your voice be heard.

Music creator groups around the world are rallying their members to send out a second tweet-storm today to again draw attention to this serious situation with Discovery Networks and this time tell them exactly what they must do—publicly reverse course, and once again pay composers fairly. It’s vital that our community speak with one voice on the same day to maximize our impact. Let’s trend on Twitter again! Here’s a tweet you can copy and paste to get started –

Happy New Year Composers! Nothing’s changed. @Variety says @Discovery is cutting composer income by 90% – the creators who helped them become a $10B media giant. RT if you think Discovery must reverse course & pay fairly. http://bit.ly/36EnaTC #YourMusicYourFuture #LibertyMedia

Again, it’s critical that you do this TODAY to have our voices be heard. We need to do our part if we want to make a change & make sure that creators everywhere stand up for what their music is worth, and that we are paid fairly—just as we have been for the last 100 years.