18 Feb

YourMusicYourFuture goes GLOBAL!

Hey YMYF community,

Thanks to all your support and your action, TODAY marks the inauguration of YMYF’s partnership with the international organization CISCAC to help carry our mission forward. Now we are connected to composers like us in 120 countries across the globe! Click here to learn more.

We invite you to share this incredible news across your socials in celebration!
Visit our Facebook and Twitter International accounts.

Our reach has grown enormously, but our educational mission remains the same. By composers, for composers, we seek to share with our fellow music creators their choices about how they get paid and the ramifications of those choices. To learn how to make composing a career and not a hobby.

We also share information about the 100-year “standard deal” whereby, as our primary source of income, composers are permitted to collect our fair share of public performance royalties from the PRO of their choice. Luminary composers share in their own words the “origin” stories of their careers and how they managed to pay the bills and put food on the table.

Since last we connected, you might note the advent of our new Facebook group. You might have seen our inaugural Reddit AMA (“ask me anything”) with preeminent film composer Carter Burwell. Also, look for an announcement about our new “ask a lawyer” feature, coming soon!