24 Jan

Huge Win for Composers: Discovery Networks Backs Down on Plan to Cut Composer Royalties

You did it!

Discovery Networks has completely abandoned their demands that composers give up their U.S. performance royalties. Amazing!

This is an historic and unprecedented moment. Your personal efforts helped drive a massive collective push from more than 11,000 of your music creator brethren: the Your Music, Your Future community. With the force of our community behind it, the Variety article covering Discovery’s initial plan to cut composer royalties was shared 9,700 times on Facebook and Twitter and generated 101,000 social media impressions.

Composers have a voice!

Other groups in the creative community may seek to take credit for this win, and that’s fine. But just remember that YOU are the ones who made this happen. You started it, lit the fire, spread the word and took powerful and decisive action again and again. This result is a stunning tribute to your grit and determination over the last six weeks. Be proud of your efforts! Every article in the press (like those from Variety and Deadline) calls out YMYF’s impact on the Discovery issue, across ALL their networks, and on the industry as a whole.

We once again need your help to get the message out.

But this time in celebration! Let’s spread the word on social media, to remind people that the Your Music, Your Future mission will continue.

Here’s a tweet you can copy and paste to get started:

We did it! All of the @Discovery Networks abandoned their plan to eliminate U.S. performance royalties for composers. Today, we celebrate, and tomorrow we recommit to the #YourMusicYourFuture mission to educate composers about their rights and choices. http://bit.ly/3aEG8fp

We are a community dedicated to educating music creators about their rights, their choices, and the ramifications of those decisions. We will continue to spread the word about what the standard deal has been for composers for the last 100 years, and what composers and songwriters must know to be able to build a career, not just get the gig. 

At this moment we must express our deepest gratitude to all those who put themselves and their careers on the line to lead the charge and magnify our message. From giants of the TV/film composition world whose pictures fill our Your Music Your Future community home page, to outspoken community members like Michael Giacchino, Michelle Branch and others. We must thank our partners at SONA, CIAM, SOCAN, and the SCL for bringing the message to their members to benefit all composers and songwriters, everywhere.

Please remember to post to social media TODAY to spread the word. 

When we speak up together, we will be heard tens of thousands of creators and execs– and even the most powerful corporations. They must again hear our collective voice!

Thank you.