29 Sep

ASCAP Announces Higher Composer Royalties for Streaming Services

On September 23rd, ASCAP unveiled an expanded Royalty Premium Payment Plan, which will now include works created for Streamed Shows on Online Streaming Services. It is our hope that other performing rights organizations will follow this precedent.

Why is this so important?

Over the last several years, the explosion of Streaming Services has brought as many challenges as it has opportunities. Some composers report that they’ve been pushed into deals where there is a total buyout of their work for a single fee, forever. It is every composer’s right to choose to be paid in any way they feel is fair, but performance royalties are the difference between getting the gig and building a career.

Check out the link below on ASCAP’s website to learn more: https://www.ascap.com/press/2021/09/09-23-ascap-royalty-premium-plan