20 Sep

The Business of Composing with Carter Burwell

We’re excited to share a brand-new webinar featuring the legendary composer Carter Burwell. In a 45-minute conversation with Your Music, Your Future founder Joel Beckerman, Carter talks offers priceless wisdom and industry insights for composers who are just starting their careers.

Carter is among today’s best-known and most accomplished composers, with a long career including a wide variety of genres, budgets, formats, and styles, from his many collaborations with the Coen brothers to his current work on Apple TV’s “The Morning Show.”

But as he shares early in the conversation with Joel, he had no formal training, neither in music nor in business. Tune in to hear about how he achieved his self-taught success and get his top tips for new composers.

“Understanding Contracts with Carter Burwell” is the first in a new series of educational conversations, by composers for composers, from Your Music Your Future. It covers not just what composers should know about contract negotiations, but also how Carter approaches budgeting, what it’s like to work with demanding directors, and much more. So get ready to take notes!

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