3 Mar

A Golden Opportunity for Music Composers

I spent most of the first decade of my “professional” life in Los Angeles trying, as most musicians do, to figure it out. I did everything you can do that was even tangentially related to music. Arranger, mixer, engineer, producer, composer’s assistant, band member, band leader, wiring technician (my work

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18 Feb

Why Should Music Creators Get Royalties?

Hey Your Music, Your Future community - composer Mark Williams here: Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock (or your keyboard), you’ve probably recently read about composer’s royalties being jeopardized by various media companies. What does this mean for composers in the long run? Since history has a way of

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24 Jan

Huge Win for Composers: Discovery Networks Backs Down on Plan to Cut Composer Royalties

You did it! Discovery Networks has completely abandoned their demands that composers give up their U.S. performance royalties. Amazing! This is an historic and unprecedented moment. Your personal efforts helped drive a massive collective push from more than 11,000 of your music creator brethren: the Your Music, Your Future community.

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