14 Apr

COVID-19 Resources for Musicians

Like so many others, our music creator community is facing unprecedented challenges and losses associated with the COVID-19 virus. It can be overwhelming, but it’s important for each of us to remember that we’re not alone. No matter the issue we’re facing. With 14,000 supporters, there are many YMYF music creators just like you going through the same thing.

As promised, we’ve been looking for helpful resources for your perusal. There’s links for understanding your state’s aid, resources from the major PROs (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC) with several FAQs answered, a breakdown of the new government stimulus bill, and mental health services for those within the music community:

We also recognize that so many YMYF supporters have different issues and needs. Independent contractors (like most work-for-hire composers and performers) and those just beginning our careers who may have day jobs. Here’s what we found specifically for you:

Never before in our lifetime has there been a call to creativity like we have now. Our hope comes through the art that we all create, together and separate. It unifies us, even while physically separated.

What we all do, create music, is more important than ever. The need to express & tell stories has always been an essential part of our humanity & we help lead that path as music people. Stay safe. Stay together. And never stop creating & doing what you love.


P.S. Everyone loves a great song or performance now and again – have you seen this?